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A chemical and topical medication peel is a noninvasive treatment applied to the face to help eliminate pigmented lesions, minimize scarring, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and hydrate dry skin or reduce oily skin. Tru Essence offers superficial or deep peels that will rejuvenate the skin. Eight treatments on average are needed with superficial peels and 2-3 treatments with deeper peels. Chemical peels result in a long-lasting effect on the skin’s appearance.

Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive chemical free treatment used to reduce static fine lines and wrinkles while also minimizing scars. It works by increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the skin, removing debris, and cleaning pores. It will also exfoliate the top layers of the skin leaving the skin refreshed and smooth to the touch.

Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and vellus hair using a small, sterile blade while holding the skin taut, swiping the blade in gentle upward motions. This procedure can be used on the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, and neck. Clients can anticipate an instant improvement in skin texture and tone, with increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair over time.

At Tru Essence spa, we also offer nonsurgical facelift options, combining Botox, fillers, threads, and lasers to create a more youthful facial appearance. Prices will vary depending on types of treatments and areas treated to achieve the desired look.

The Nu-Lift® threading is a new FDA approved nonsurgical skin elevation treatment for mild to moderate changes in face and body due to aging. Threads are applied under the skin to lift and tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen to the area with minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. The threads dissolve overtime leaving healthy collagen behind to lift and smooth the appearance of the skin.

The effects of treatment last 2-3 years. Treatment areas of the face include eyebrow lift, cheeks, nasolabial folds and marionette lines (frown lines), mental (jowls) and submental (chin) areas.Treatment areas of the body include chest, breast, arms, above the elbow, hands, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, buttock, above the knee.

We offer a combination of treatments to improve and prevent the presence of acne on the face and body. This includes laser resurfacing and chemical peels.


Fine lines and wrinkles occur as a natural part of the aging process. Hormonal changes, environmental factors, and excessive sun exposure also play a role in the speed at which we age. Tru Essence offers a variety of products and services to help reduce or eliminate the signs of aging.

Botox Cosmetics is used for temporary reduction of moderate to severe lines and dynamic wrinkles. It works by relaxing nerve impulses to facial muscles for a smoother skin appearance. The skin remains smooth and wrinkle-free in treated areas while allowing untreated areas to maintain normal expression for 3 to 4 months. It is performed with little to no discomfort and requires no downtime.
Common treatment areas and indications: Glabella (the area between brows), forehead, areas around the eyes, fine lines around the lips, chin and lower jaw for contouring, mid-arch eyebrow, nasal flare/nasal tip reduction, nasal tip lifting, gummy smile, chronic migraine headaches, temporal mandibular joint dysfunction.

Dermal Fillers are used in many areas of the face to soften the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles, reshape lost facial volume, accentuate and lift the cheeks, and to add volume to the lips. There are various types of fillers:

Juvederm® is a stabilized hyaluronic acid used to smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth or shape facial contours. It can also be used to augment lips and cheeks for a fuller appearance. Juvederm® has been FDA approved for the cosmetic treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and soft tissue depressions.

Radiesse™ is a unique treatment to enhance the face. It can be used to fill in facial lines, increase lip fullness, restore the natural contours of the cheeks and diminish blemishes such as acne scars. It is completely safe and compatible with the body. Because no animal or human tissues are involved, allergy testing is not required. Radiesse™ produces a soft, natural-looking appearance with long-lasting effects.

Belotero Balance® is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Belotero Balance® is injected into the skin using a very fine needle, instantaneously plumping the skin to fill in your wrinkles and folds. Common areas treated are smile lines or nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips, vertical lip lines and corners of the mouth. Results are often instant and proven to last. In clinical studies, patients saw results that lasted about six months or more.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is a synthetic injectable material known as poly-L-lactic acid. Poly-L-lactic acid is a biocompatible, biodegradable material that has been widely used for many years in dissolvable stitches, soft tissue implants and other types of implants. Sculptra® Aesthetic is intended for restoration and correction of the signs of facial fat loss(lipoatrophy) for cheek augmentation.

Mesotherapy is the use of injections directly into the mesoderm to treat small fat pocket accumulation locally. Kybella (Deoxycholate acid (10mg/1ML)) is a new FDA approved drug for the lysis of adipose fat that is compartmentalized. Other terms for small fat pocket reduction includes “Lipo-Therapy” and “Lipo-Dissolve”.  When microinjections of the mesotherapy solution are administered into the targeted area, the solution is quickly absorbed into the fat cells and causes a breakdown of those cells.  The dissolution products of the fat cells are removed in a natural manner, similar to the way blood is removed within a bruise through relocation and resorbed thus creating a reduction of unwanted small fat deposits in specific body areas.

Restylane® Silk is the first FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip augmentation and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth in patients 21 years of age and older. Lips and the lines around the mouth show signs of aging which often results in lip thinning, lost shape and an increase in vertical lines above the lip. Restylane® Silk is injected to provide natural-looking results in these particular areas by using smaller, smoother hyaluronic acid particles


Varicose and spider veins are 3 times more common in women than men and are often times accompanied by pain and swelling. They are characterized by a bluish or purplish color under the skin. These unwanted veins under the skin can be aesthetically unappealing. A number of causes are related to the development of varicose veins which include deep vein valve failure, prolonged standing, obesity, lack of exercise, history of blood clots in the deep veins, pregnancy, hormones, smoking, and genetics. Sclerotherapy is an effective way to treat these veins without an invasive procedure or surgery. A small amount of substance is placed in the vein, causing the it to close.

Brazilian Butt Lift

IThe “Brazilian Butt Lift” can be achieved without surgery using the Sculptra Aesthetic filler.  It works by stimulating the body to produce collagen under the skin, which lifts and increases the size of the buttock. It takes 2-3 months to appreciate the correction from Sculptra and the results should last years. There is no liposuction required, no healing/soreness from fat harvest and no need to sit on donuts or remain off the buttock for several weeks. The non-surgical butt lift allows return to normal activity the same day. 2-4 treatments are needed in most cases with injection performed using cannulas for minimal bruising and discomfort. Long lasting improvements in lifting and fullness should be expected from Sculptra, which improves gradually over several months.


Laser treatments work by stimulating collagen production to tighten and improve the appearance of skin on the face and body. It is effectively used for a broad range of common aesthetic skin treatments:

  • IPL
  • Laser hair removal
  • Skin tightening
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Cystic acne
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Melasma
  • Rosacea
  • Unwanted hair on the face and body
  • Ingrown hairs (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae)
  • Nail fungus
  • Spider veins

Most patients will require 3-6 treatments 3-4 weeks apart to receive the best results with no downtime.


Imagine waking up in the morning with smooth [hair-free] skin and not having to shave, pluck, wax or bleach unwanted hair.  Laser hair removal is done with a specific beam of light that has the ability to permanently disable and reduce unwanted body hair.  Depending on the amount of hair and the size of the area being treated, sessions may vary from a few minutes to an hour.

6 – 8 treatments are typically needed for permanent hair loss.


Tru essence offers a variety of services to combat weight gain. These include an individualized diet plan, medications, and non-invasive procedures.

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that eliminates stubborn fat resistant to all efforts of diet and exercise. The device works by freezing the fat under the skin in unwanted areas providing noticeable and lasting results. Areas that can be treated include arms, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flank, back fat (love handles), bra fat, underneath the buttocks and submental (under the chin) areas. This noninvasive form of body-sculpting is safe and effective. A customized plan will be developed to address the areas of concern.

The Orbera gastric balloon is the number one reversible nonsurgical weight loss procedure. Individuals lose 3 times more weight with Orbera than exercise and diet alone. The silicon balloon is placed using an endoscopic in an outpatient setting with minimal downtime. The balloon takes up space in the stomach and remains there for 6 months encouraging your body to adapt to smaller, healthier portions. There is minimal downtime with the procedure.

The OverStitch™ Endoscopic Suturing System (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty) enables advanced endoscopic surgery by allowing physicians to place full-thickness sutures in the stomach through a flexible endoscope reducing the size of the stomach. This procedure is similar to the sleeve gastrectomy but is performed through an endoscope making it far less invasive.

Tru Essence offers customized plans that are designed to increase your metabolism and help you lose weight. We provide our patients with a customized diet and exercise plan. We also offer HCG injections and pharmacologic agents to help you reach your weight loss goals faster. After your goal weight has been achieved, we design long-term, easy to follow maintenance meal and exercise plans to help you keep the weight off. Please contact us for consultation.


Our hormones play a critical role in the aging process and contribute to our overall sense of well-being. Many hormones become deficient or imbalanced as we age leading to sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, weight gain, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, mental fog, and acne.

Testosterone deficiency can occur in both women and men with similar effects and has been linked to increase insulin resistance, increase or worsening of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and worsening of chronic pain.

Correcting testosterone deficiency improves libido and sexual function, bone density, muscle mass/fat ratio, glycemic control, memory, and cognition. It can also decrease BMI (body mass index), reduce osteoporosis, and reverse urogenital atrophy in women.

Cortisol is a natural anti-inflammatory substance found in the body and is responsible for our “flight or fight” response. However, when cortisol is chronically under or overproduced, it can lead to increased insulin resistance leading to increased glucose levels, osteoporosis, increased waist circumference, water, and salt retention, depression, insomnia and decreased immune function leading to increased infections and food sensitivities.Hypothyroidism is often times misdiagnosed as depression or chronic fatigue and can cause weight gain, cold intolerance, sluggishness and low energy.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment that is used in many different areas of

the body including in the scalp to regenerate hair. Your plasma, which is rich in platelets and growth factors, is removed from your blood and injected into the scalp at the level of the hair follicles to stimulate your follicles to promote new hair growth.

A topical anesthetic and local nerve block are used to minimize discomfort. 2-3 treatments are generally required, 4-6 weeks apart depending on the amount of hair loss for optimum results. One treatment is generally needed each year to maintain your hair growth.

Tru Essence uses laser light therapy is used in combination with PRP treatments to improve blood flow to the follicles resulting in improved hair growth. Finasteride and/or Minoxidil use after PRP treatments may be recommended to augment hair regeneration.
For those suffering from a greater amount of hair loss, A-cell (stem cells) can be injected at the time of treatment to provide additional growth factors.


Joint and muscle pain is a very common cause of decreased activity in many individuals and most often occurs as a result of trauma, arthritis, or the aging process. The pain can be caused by inflammation or injury to the muscle, tendons, or ligaments. Additionally, different forms of arthritis such as osteoarthritis or autoimmune arthritis produce joint pain. Serial injections are placed in the joint or muscle providing lasting relief of pain and increase function.

Platelets-rich Plasma (PRP) is a procedure using your own blood and platelets, which are rich in growth factors, to help regenerate damaged structures in the joint, such as tendons, or in the muscle.  Stem cells are often added to PRP to augment the healing and regeneration process. This treatment often times eliminates pain and improves function.


BODYtite is an amazing solution for individuals who are looking to reduce fat without the saggy, wrinkly skin. It also helps improve skin laxity after weight-loss or due to aging.

BODYtite is a minimally invasive procedure that shapes, contracts, and lifts without the scape or large scarring. You are left with surgical-like results without prolonged downtime!

Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 6 months, and continuing up to 12 months.